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this involves a lot of shit and a big fan

Went shopping for my hike in June. As the prices are quite high in Sweden and even more so in remote huts I decided a long ago to get everything from home and send it to certain points along the route. I’ve calculated the daily distance to be 30km  so it’ll take 35 days. Possible re-supply locations are Kvikkjokk, Ritsem, Abisko and Kilpisjärvi. Some distances are longer than I like – on two stages I have to carry food for 9  and on three stages for 6 days. It wasn’t that easy to decide on the menu, but I tried to make it as light and nutritious as possible. The many might seem a bit monotonous, but I previous experience shows that I can handle it. (more…)


and on the eight day, God created beer

You can bring any cuisine to Estonia, you can even get a chef from that country here, but you cannot bring the eating culture along. No matter where you eat out Estonians will still have bread with most dishes and drink Cola or milk. I think that a foreign kitchen should be authentic to the end. It won’t be enough if you hang some paper lanterns or build an imitation of a wood-stove if you don’t use it or have a huge beer fridge right in the middle of the place. That’s just lame. It would be great if you could go out and actually learn about the eating culture of the Italians or Asians or whomever in those places.

And I would very much like an ancient Roman style place where eating turn into orgy with fighting, foor-throwing and fornicating.