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this isn’t a drill, we’re shooting to kill

I have a map lying aroun in my cabinet that covers the Lahemaa national park  and Kõrvemaa natural reserve. I used this on my last walk from Kunda to Võsu, but the outcome of that walk was a little bit unsatisfactory so last week I thought that now would be time to have a go at it again. I spent some time sketching the possible rout to the map. Main goal was to follow the shore-line of the capes  Käsmu, Pärispea and Juminda and the cut over the Koitjärve mire to Aegviidu, where I could catch a train back. I would say that I managed to fill about 70%

Cape Käsmu



man vs boar

Went skiing today. Started from Tõreska and the first plan was to go all the way to Moe, but that changed a bit. Karmo drove me to the starting point (he was supposed to come to, but decided to be lazy instead) and at about 1pm I was off. Snow was very light, basically powder so it was rather easy to push through it. 10 minutes on the trail I had a minor failure on one of the bindings, but I managed to fix it. After few kilometers the tracks turned left and I had totally untouched snow. Easy going still.  Weather was perfect – no wind, -5 C. Some sunshine would have been nice.

Near the Udriku lake I encountered a wild boar. I saw it first at about 75 meters, so I stood still and tried to get a picture. It went on and off the trail and when it was about 50 meters from me and still didn’t see me I gave out a blood-freezing and ear-crushing roar letting the beast know, who is the boss here. It froze, probably trying to blend in with the snow and when realizing his pitiful attempt has failed escaped in terror. So I carried on.

After about 6 km the snow grew thicker, but still about half way to my calf. Going got tougher. I hadn’t treated the soles of the skiis and they gathered clumps of snow which hindered the gliding seriously and it began to get dark. It didn’t really dark because all of the snow and the glow from Tapa was visible too. So I pushed on like that for the last 8 km to the Valgejõe bridge, where I called Karmo and arranged a pickup. Still had about 1km to go. By that time the temperatures dropped to about -10 C and I was mighty tired.

But it was great to get out and start the skiing season In 3 weeks we’ll try to ski to Vormsi and after that I’m going to Trysil. Hope the winter stays like this ’till March