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burn your angelwings to dust

Last weekend we got on the skiis again to continue the conquest of the highest hills in Estonia. To be more precise the hill 21 to 40 codenamed Lumeilves-2 (Snowlynx-2). There was four of us again – me, my brother Tanel, Mattias and replacing Karmo from last year was Tarmo. We started from Plaani at about 1030 with the goal to bag as many hills as possible. Although the weather was on the cold side the snow was warm still and formed heavy clumps under our skiis, which made sliding nearly impossible. It was actually great when going up the hills – almost like skinning up, but frustrating when trying to get down. Occasionally the clumps of snow let go and usually at the moment one was trying to get down down the hillside covered with trees so  to avoid collision with trees one had to use the universal ass-brake. An old-school method of applying candle wax to the skis helped quite a lot. The hills aren’t marked so it was anybody’s guess if we really did reach the tops we planned – then again – who can prove we didn’t.

Day one ended quite late in the dark. Maybe we could have bagged all the peaks that day, but we decided to leave some for the next day. Another motivator for that was that we had a car in hand which could tow us the remaining 6 km to my brothers place. That proved to quite fun. Didn’t go much over 20km/h though.

Some sauna and dumpling lasagne in the evening and we stayed up late into the night.

Next day was much colder and we finally could get some speed out of our skis. The remaining 6 peaks went flying.

So great event again and we also made some plans for the summer in the same area and I also shared my plans about the next winter trip in Northern-Scandinavia. It could evolve into a bigger event.

red - day 1 - skis - 25km - 9 hours| green - day 1 - towed by car | blue - day 2 - skis - 9km - 2 hours