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I earned this vol IV

I have finished with the pictures. It wasn’t very easy sorting through 1000+ of them, stitching them into panoramas and going through them trying to select out the one to share with others. Nevertheless I managed to make a selection of 400 which are available in the usual gallery – Via Alpina 2011.

Now as I needed something for my fathers 50th birthday and I had the idea of printing out one of the bigger pictures to hang on the wall. Wasn’t very shure how it would turn out ’cause my Panasonic TZ4 allows only about 3200×2400 with 12 megapixels. Gave it a try and here is the actual result. I consider it to be pretty impressive and it really is high quality.

Got me thinking and here’s what I came up with.

How would you feel about sponsoring my next trip and in return get something like that on YOUR wall? To be honest this won’t be very cheap to have a photo that big ‘because the photo laboratories charge quite a lot depending on the end product. So browse through the gallery for this year and also the first part and if you see something of interest then let me know and we can figure out the details.

So enjoy, I certainly did.

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