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you always scratch me at the wrong places


It is not very complicated to understand why one would choose Aland as a destination when the time is scarce but you need to get  away from Estonia. Aland provides plenty of tiny to bigger islands to take shelter in bad weather but also enough free water to enjoy some beginner-intermediate sea-kayaking. Multitude of islands and possibilities to plan a course will definitely provide reasons to come back over and over and if you`d add the Turu archipelago to the equation possibilities will triple.

My plan began with a short overnight ferryride to Mariehamn and the on my own power to paddle around the main island and the cycling to Helsinki. Ferry schedule in the Baltic sea is pretty good and therefore it doesn`t require much long-term planning and left me plenty of freedom to manage my time. (more…)


perfect ass

Kayaking in Hiiumaa last weekend. The group had chosen an ideal weekend, ’cause we had sunshine all through the paddle and almost no wind. I paddled with a Seabird designs Expeditionkayak. Very stable, but uncomfortable ruddersystem. Overall distance about 30km. Saw some seals in the second day – distance about 50m. Very cool, ’cause they are very curious.